It’s my role to get food on JDM’s agenda and be excited about what we do. I look at food trends and what people are eating so we can breakdown recipes, innovate, add value and create uniqueness to food businesses and retailers adding a JDM twist!

At JDM our business is so diverse which spreads across a number of food categories so it’s always a challenge and your always learning something new. Also the people at JDM are amazing that have a can do approach with a genuine team spirit in everything we do.

We are a forward facing business that isn’t afraid of the future, we make quick decisions, which in other comparable food companies can take forever! At times the critical paths to launch products are really short which highlights the strong teamwork involved. Also JDM produces thousands of products which highlights it’s diversity and proactive approach to food solutions.

If you enjoy fast paced ‘foodie’ environment which puts people at the heart of the business JDM is for you. Everyday is so different.

Richard Shipston, NPD Director