Working within the production department allows me to be actively involved with many processes, products, problems, and challenges. Every day is totally different. I particularly enjoy working with such diverse group of people, working together to achieve ambitious goals.I have always admired the vision of JDM, which is always forward thinking and looking to exploit gaps in the market and keeps the job interesting.

I often get asked by new employees how many stock keeping units we have and it takes them by surprise when I reel off the different finished products and raw materials we process.

To be a part of JDM it is important to be versatile, for example a shop floor workers need to be able to adapt to the different processes. Managers from other businesses are sometimes aghast at the variety of products, processes and general busyness of the facility and it can take quite some time to adapt, especially if they have come from a larger business.

Rob Normington, Factory Manager