JDM’s relationship with FareShare was initially driven by the collective desire to:

  • Ensure no edible waste is wasted.
  • Ensure we continue to maximise the raw material we handle by ensuring best yields are continually achieved.

The relationship has been supported by Directors at all times and has been well received by our customers.  JDM supply FareShare with excess stock and stock not deemed suitable to sell to the retailers. For example butternut squash with minor skin damage is perfectly suitable for eating, but does not meet the exacting requirements by our customers. This historically led to larger amounts going to waste by means of composting, but now 90% of this historic waste is diverted to FareShare for consumption all across the UK. We are proud of the fact we supply FareShare and would encourage all business management teams to look for ways to support businesses such as FareShare. As a result of our dealings with FareShare a number of JDM colleagues have given their time to help donation depots at local Tesco stores.

From January to December 2020, JDM Food Group provided 30.5 tonnes of surplus products to FareShare.

That’s enough for an estimated 72,549 meals for people in need.