I enjoy being able to see a product from the first development stages up to being sold at my local supermarket shelves and knowing that my team was a part of it. The working environment at JDM is encouraging and supportive and I feel we have a very strong senior management team. I believe the people are our biggest company strength, we have a strong work ethic, positive attitude and are loyal. Working amongst such outstanding people, who have become my friends, is greatly beneficial and contributes a lot to team effectiveness.

I strongly stand for the company’s values and vision. Getting the right people in the right positions and all working to the same goal with a can-do attitude, honesty and as a strong team is very important to company’s success.

Those who desire to work at JDM have to be honest and ask themselves if they are passionate about the food industry, which is always super busy, fast paced and can be quite stressful at times.  If the answer is yes and you are open to new challenges, then JDM is a perfect place to start or develop your career.

A specification is a legal contract between a company and a customer, which defines a set of requirements that a product must meet. It might seem like a simple task. However, the specification technologist can never be tired or distracted at work, as attention to details on top of the amount of technical and legislative knowledge required, is a key to this role. The responsibility that lies with specification technologist is huge and small mistakes can lead to big consequences.

Edita Puskoviene, Specifications Manager