No two days are the same. The diversity of what we do keeps us sharp and on our toes. In terms of the work I do, it is simply fantastic due to the fact I can get involved in so many diverse topics not only within Technical but in other departmental areas too.

At JDM everyone has a great work ethic which leads to a can do attitude which is one of the pillars JDM has built its reputation upon, it is like working in a big family. A key benefit for working at JDM is the red tape free decision making process instilled by our Managing Director Jon Chesworth. It is so refreshing and motivating.

The one underlying thing that surprises people about my job is the amount of due diligence which goes into supplying all the food they eat. From complex sauces down to a simple sweet potato, a bulb of garlic or a hand of ginger. They do not realise how much time, effort, money and passion goes into supplying the foods they love.

If you have a positive attitude to work, want to better yourself in the food industry and are willing to contribute to an excellent business, come join us.

Mandeep Grewal, Technical Director