The diverse nature of the work is what makes the job interesting. As a company we are a unique mix of wholehead vegetables and food manufacturing. There are many instances where one compliments the other particularly on crop utilisation, there can be many uses for one crop. At JDM we have a no blame culture and we all work as one team. The company has a pragmatic nature and decision making is done quickly.

JDM is a detailed business with so many different customers, suppliers and its products and lines. A new employee must be willing to throw themselves into the job, consequently you they will keep learning as JDM is a growing, successful business.

Beside the fact that we have around 300 customers, people are often surprised to know that we are the UK’s largest ginger and garlic importer, and our products arrive from all over the world. Also, our rate of growth since we have been at Bicker from 2010.

Paul Tracey, Procurement Director