Trademark Processes


Our Fireroast process involves flame roasting to enhance the natural flavours of the vegetables, adding subtle sweet and smoky tones to the taste. This results in a rustic, chargrilled appearance to the finished product and we can tailor the process to achieve the desired visuals.


To create our delicious sunbaked tomato products, the cherry tomato halves are combined in a mixture of red wine vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt and black pepper. Sunflower oil & basil can also be added before the product is steam cooked in a sealed bag or kettle cooked.


To create a Sweetfire product, the ingredients are added to a mixture of chilli or chilli extract, sugar, salt & white wine vinegar. The product can then be steam cooked in a sealed bag or Kettle cooked.


To create our Sweetflamed products, we fireroast the ingredients before following the same process as Sweetfire.